Hey, Freeman stans who think the haters are just pissed because they don’t understand sarcasm, let’s try a little thought experiment.

First, here’s a transcript of what he actually said (minus various um’s and ah’s):

Interviewer: Have you seen Elementary? The, uh -

Martin Freeman: I’ve seen bits of it. I met Lucy Liu at the Emmys, who was charming, but very ugly, and -

[interviewer laughs]

MF: She’s a dog, come on! She’s a very unattractive woman. But she was really really charming, and I wish them all the best.

Interviewer: So your take is [?], you’re the prettier Watson.

MF: Yes, of course, of course I am. I’m the original glamour of Watson. And then they get Lucy Liu, of all people, to try and bring some [censored] glamour in. Scraping the barrel.

Interviewer: Scraping the barrel.

Now, let’s translate his remarks from Sarcasm into English. See if you can spot why they’re still offensive.

Interviewer: Have you seen Elementary? The, uh -

Martin Freeman: I’ve seen bits of it. I met Lucy Liu at the Emmys, who was charming, and really hot -

Interviewer: Right?

MF: She’s a looker, isn’t she? She’s a very attractive woman. And she was really really charming, and I wish them all the best.

Interviewer: So your take is [?], you’re not the prettier Watson.

MF: Haha, no, not me. I’m definitely not a glamorous Watson. But they’ve gone and gotten Lucy Liu to try and bring some glamour in. No settling, there - they definitely hired the most attractive person they could get.

Interviewer: Definitely.

If you guessed that his comments are gross because the main thing he had to say about Elementary was a joke about the lead actress’ looks, you are correct! If you guessed that they are double-gross because this objectification is being done to a Chinese-American* woman, a member of a group routinely exotified, objectified, and sexualised in racist ways by white society, you are also correct! If you guessed that they are triple-gross because he also managed to insinuate that Lucy Liu was in fact hired for her looks, YOU ARE ALSO CORRECT.

P.S. if you are white, don’t compare POC to animals. Just - sshh - no. Not even if you’re joking. Just… don’t. We don’t get to do that.

*I don’t know whether Lucy Liu considers herself Chinese-American or Taiwanese-American (or both, or neither). If you’re aware of her ID-ing as something other than Chinese-American, let me know and I’ll edit.

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    I definitely think that he was being sarcastic, but he’s an unfunny piece of shit.
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    Okay somebody please tell me where can I watch this interview I cannot believe it I mean he’s not even my favourite...
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    EXACTLY THIS, THANK YOU. Martin Freeman is an awful person and should be ashamed. But he won’t be.
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