like whatever, yes, martin freeman clearly intended his remarks to be taken sarcastically; he OBVIOUSLY intended to imply that lololol of course lucy liu is more ~glamorous~ and attractive than he is


(without even getting into the implications of a dude deciding, UNPROMPTED, that it would be okay to venture an opinion on and quantify a woman’s worth based on her appearance, or of a white dude deciding, AGAIN UNPROMPTED, that it would somehow be okay to describe a WOC as ‘a dog’)

he also managed to imply that lucy liu, a female actor in hollywood, and esp. a chinese-american actor who totally definitely has never ever!!!!! experienced any kind of exotification or creepy sexualisation due to her race, was hired for… the glamour.

gj martin freeman


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  8. romulanholiday said: he’s clearly saying it sarcastically but imo that makes it even worse? then it’s just being a calculated asshole, saying that shit on purpose. he is odious, and his ~sense of humor~ is worse.
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