just thinking about how differently that scene with the PI on methamphetamines would have played out if it had been part of the BBC show

the Beeb’s Sherlock would have gone for the hurt. never mind his own history of drug use, not with how the BBC version likes to gloss over that. he would have demolished this man - aimed not just for the drugs, the eating habits, the long hours, but given some awful deductive spiel about how profoundly worthless and beneath Sherlock he was (you left the police force? I wonder why; a sense of inferiority, a need to prove oneself perhaps, and it makes sense, I mean look at you, and you may be the top dog now and wear the designer suits and cater to wealthy paranoiacs but underneath it all you’re still the same, small little man - grim, isn’t it? no wonder you turned to drugs, really - I don’t know how I’d cope with the unbearable tedium of being you - but I’m sure your old friends won’t be so understanding); would have sliced him up with the same sneering disdain and the same malicious enjoyment with which he sliced up Kitty Riley, viewers cheering him on; would have stepped away with a parting shot designed to hull him beneath the waterline, to drive home just how much of a pathetic waste of oxygen he is, to leave him standing there staring in sputtering shock and dismay at the retreating back of the brilliant Sherlock Holmes. getting the information would not be sufficient. Beeblock would require that the man be humiliated.

Elementary's Holmes says, “look, if/when you want to get your shit together, I know a place.”

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    I wish this was outside of a cut because everyone needs to read it.
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    I do not have words for how much I adored that scene. It was hard to watch, and it teared me up. I’m the child of drug...
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