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well i’m upset because the article in question (tw fandom) was about -isms and was very skewed to a certain vocal side that gets a lot of preferential treatment from the show runners. the post she linked to was talking about how i felt unsafe in fandom and led to me being harassed by two members of the teen wolf fandom who later deleted their posts &i wasn’t thinking straight and didn’t cap them at the time. i don’t think i could ever get over that. as a white person it was irresponsible of her to do that as my post was talking about racism within some of the tw fandom rhetoric. maybe she cares about fandom as a whole, but by not looking at both sides, she contributed to my awful experiences in fandom.

…Okay, yeah, that’s really messed up and thoughtless, and I’m really sorry that happened to you. I’m not gonna defend Aja on that one - I love her, and she means well, but that was fucked up.

If you wanted to speak to her about it, I’d say go for it - I think she’d be receptive - but obviously you gotta pick your battles and do what’s right for you.

I feel like this is going to be a conversation that we end up having more and more, as fandom continues to bubble over into the mainstream, and we’re really gonna need some kind of new ethical framework for dealing with shit like this.

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