OKAY NO WAIT A SECOND, what else did Tumblr do besides the notes/Activity thing.

I swear to god, this happens every single time I’m not around for a bit.

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Why does Tumblr hate its users having conversations with one another?

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On the absolute off-chance that this persuades anyone, today is the…

Last day for 20% off Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (PC) at Green Man Gaming.

Standard edition $29.99 / €24.99

Use code GMG20-F202F-UI40F at checkout.

(Discounted prices: $23.99 / €19.99 respectively.)

Meanwhile, Amazon is offering $10 credit with purchase of the PS3 edition.

Along with some exclusive in-game items, pre-ordering the game nets you a week of early access and your first 30 days free after launch. Combined with the week-long open beta, that’s six weeks’ free play when you pre-order the game.

This game is so good, you guys. It is so good.

From an MMO newbie’s perspective, it does an absolutely incredible job at showing you the ropes, and gradually layering in complexity as it teaches you about the world and about how various game mechanics work; how to play your starting class, and how to work with others as a team to take down all manner of fantastic beasties.

(“Starting class?” you say. Yes indeed! FFXIV lets you level every class on a single character. You might start the game out as an axe-wielding Marauder or a wily Thaumaturge, but once the game world opens up, you can take off to any city you please to learn how to be a keen-eyed Archer, or a fleet-footed Pugilist, or a deadly Lancer. And the more classes you play, the more abilities you unlock that you can share between classes.)

The world is sprawling and diverse, the landscapes are majestic, the cities are bustling. You can hang up your sword or staff and learn armouring or blacksmithing, alchemy or weaving, botany or fishing. You can declare your allegiance to the Grand Company of a city state, and form a Free Company with your comrades-in-arms from across Eorzea. You can play a stalwart Roegadyn or a dashing Miqo’te or a diminutive Lalafell. You can just fuck off and spend entire days riding around on your chocobo listening to the soundtrack and admiring how goddamn gorgeous everything is, until you lose your way in a high-level area and get swarmed by velociraptors and/or stomped by big magicpunk mecha thingies (i.e. what is about to happen to me in that last screenshot).


It’s so good, you guys. It’s so, so good.

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No, but really. Who else is going to be playing FFXIV. Who else can I convince to play the open beta. I don’t want to have to spend all my time looking for a linkshell/Free Company that isn’t full of poop.

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WHOA, HI GUYS, I accidentally fell into a FFXIV:ARR-shaped hole again, how have you all been

I’ve been testing the limits of my impulse control in the Steam Summer Sale, making use of thoroughly-undeserved prize money to buy some ultra-discounted indie game multipacks to share (keep an eye out for those btw), and wondering if my pc can emulate the FFXII edition with a less crappy leveling system

this wild and exciting life

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Grunt questions his Battlemaster’s fashion sense.





(ps all dumb mamashep comics will be tagged under ‘mamashep chronicles’)

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Man, I have been really spoiled with games lately. Bioshock Infinite, for all its not-inconsiderable flaws, never once sexualised its female characters; in Dark Souls, the armour is unisex to the point where it’s difficult to tell whether you’re playing a male or female character unless you swivel the camera around to see their face (or listen to the death-groan); and in FFXIV:ARR, while the women’s starting outfits are pretty eye-roll-y, once you start suiting up for different classes, you look every bit as capable of taking a hit as the dudes.

Which is to say that, wanting to get some practice in with MMO-style keyboard & mouse controls before the FFXIV beta re-opens, I downloaded Rift, aaaaaand


armour-kinis and metal mini-skirts and swimming underwear-shots


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Elementary - Episode 2.01 - Step Nine - Promotional Photo 


Elementary - Episode 2.01 - Step Nine - Promotional Photo 

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Coming Soon, Justice League 3000

This. Looks. Amazing!

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Cave Hibernum: lethally replied to your post: lethally replied to your post: SO, with...
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I actually don’t remember the name of my server, Rydill or something maybe? Not sure anymore. I’ll tell you when I’ll be able to log in. I am a huge FF player but this is my first MMO and so far I like it so I might suscribing after the launch :)

Yeah, I am really loving it so far, which is uh. A good reason for me not to subscribe, tbh, because I’ll just wind up funnelling absolutely disgusting amounts of money and time into it, and THAT IS A HOLE I HAVE SO FAR AVOIDED IN LIFE.

At least with the free beta, I can justify the bursts of time spent by going, “Well, it’s free now, and I won’t be paying for it, so I might as well get the most out of it while I still can.”

I’m on Shiva, but I might or might not switch it up come open beta. I’ve seen people mention Gilgamesh as a good mixed/all-hours server, but… ???? Anyway, anyone on Shiva rn and/or planning to take part in open beta, HIT ME UP. WE COULD HAVE A MERRY BAND OF BURLY ROEGADYN LADIES TROMPING THROUGH THE COUNTRYSIDE. You know you want to laugh at me flail my way through learning how to tank and/or just generally careen hilariously off the MMO learning curve.

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Hey where did you get the infos about the next stage of the beta? I only got my codes Saturday evening so I only played one hour (time to create my character and launch a bit the game) before the beta closed T.T


What server are you on? I’m prooohohohobably not going to end up subscribing upon launch, just because €11/mo is pretty steep (also, holy timesuck batman), so when open beta rolls around, I want to pick my server wisely to get the most out of such organised group content as I’ll have time to play with.

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SO, with the news that the Phase 3 closed beta will be getting another extended run, from Tuesday night/Wednesday morning to Sunday night/Monday morning…

Anyone interested in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PC beta keys?

It looks like my ~source~ still has a bunch of available keys (I can’t verify because I already have one), but I don’t want to send a rush of people over in case it turns out they don’t.

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revolutionarygirlshati: sungkyunkwan scandal, if that has crossed your dash enough to reach critical osmosis mass

UHHH, not at all, but I will try my best.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal is a kdrama that is set during… a time period! This provides two things: 1) a surplus of pretty costumes and sets, and 2) the set-up for the plot.

There is A Girl, whose lifelong dream is to become A MAGISTRATE (or some kind of government official anyway, idrk). But because sexism, she can’t go to magistrate school to get her magistrating degree - a problem to which the natural and obvious solution is CROSS-DRESSING HIJINKS.

Would-Be Magistrate Girl has two roommates: Scruffy Brooding Guy, and Nerdy By-the-Book Guy. Scruffy Brooding Guy does not dress like all the other magistrates in training, so I don’t think he even goes to magistrate school. He and Nerdy By-the-Book Guy seem to have some kind of ~thing~ (grudging childhood frenemies?), so he might just be there to keep an eye on Nerdy By-the-Book Guy because Nerdy By-the-Book Guy’s mother was so kind to him when he was a scruffy barefoot child, or something like that.

ANYWAY, the three of them all share living quarters, and sleep on the same mat like little peas in a pod, and frequently end up draped over each other in comedic and sexually-confusing ways. Several characters have gay realisations that may or may not be misguided. In my head, it goes like:

- Someone sees cross-dressing Would-Be Magistrate Girl making moony eyes over one of her roommates/classmates/dreamy teacher/????. Immediately starts rumour that one of the trainee magistrates is gay.

- Nerdy By-the-Book Guy has been experiencing lots of new and confusing feelings about his new roommate, such as, “Gosh, new roommate has very delicate hands,” and, “I wonder how he gets his hair to look so soft and touchable,” and, “I want to put my mouth on his mouth, is that weird?”. He hears the rumour and goes, Oh god, it’s me isn’t it, the gay is me, I AM THE GAY.

- Confesses his realisation to Would-Be Magistrate Girl, who assumes he is in love with his childhood friend. She tells Nerdy By-the-Book Guy that, omg no right yes, she understands completely *SIGNIFICANT LOOK*, which Nerdy By-the-Book Guy obviously 100% misinterprets. Meanwhile, Would-be-Magistrate Girl knows she should keep his secret, but it’s just so sad to see Scruffy Brooding Guy be so gruff and mean to him all the time, now that she knows that Nerdy By-the-Book Guy’s cold demeanour is really just hiding a broken heart OH GOD THE FEELS, so she eventually snaps and tells Scruffy Brooding Guy not to be such a jerk, dammit, don’t you know he’s in love with you.

- Scruffy Brooding Guy immediately has a crisis, because to his deep and lasting internal disgust, he has been resignedly in love with Nerdy By-the-Book Guy for years. His life is a joke. Fuck everything. But now - what? But also - this new kid is weirdly cute even if unattractively earnest and sincere? What is happening.

- ?????????

- Shenanigans ensue. Continue. Whatever.

- Would-Be Magistrate Girl doesn’t understand why her roommates are so fucking weird, or why they can’t get their shit together and talk it out like normal human beings. She just wants to study and follow her dreams and be a good magistrate. Is she the only person who came to this place to learn. God.

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test my dashboard osmosis abilities


send me an ask about a fandom i know nothing about and i will summarize it as best i can

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